Konsten att vara invandrare


  Uppsala Nya Tidning, February 1, 2008

”All these encounters with foreign cultures and people from every corner of the globe form the background for his reflections on different aspects of the emigrant's fate. His book is a fascinating kaleidoscope of situations that can arise when one settles in another country, from the first faltering attempts at communication and integration to all the more subtle situations, which not so seldom result in misunderstanding and frustration for both the immigrant and the native”

  Web-Bulletinen, February, 2008

”In a simple way, he has succeeded to describe in words all the feelings which drive or plaque nearly every immigrant. Andrzej Olkiewicz uses himself and his own experiences as an immigrant as his starting point. Careful analysis of the immigrant's internal processes, and many well-chosen quotes from literature and articles immediately awaken one's own experiences, and it is easy to relate to the many explanations Andrzej Olkiewicz offers”


   Kommunalarbetaren, May 1, 2008

”His recently published book, "The Art of Being an Immigrant", is an important contribution to the debate being conducted throughout Europe on our right to multiple identities. Allowing the youth with parents from other countries to feel a sense of belonging with Sweden is one of the biggest challenges we face today. If we fail, the risk is great that extremist forces will use the problem of identity with these youths and draw them into their fellowship”

    Bibliotekstjänst, No.7/2008

”With his own experience as an emigrant, the author has written a book of his own thoughts on the subject. Using abundant quotes from literature and descriptions of personal experiences, the author imparts upon the reader an understanding of the feeling of estrangement. (...) One does not have to move too far from home to recognize certain thoughts about alienation in both the new location and when one returns home. A wide readership should find this book very worthwhile”

    Ny tid (Finno-Swedish culture periodical), June 19, 2008


”Freelance writer Andrzej Olkiewicz's thought-provoking book fills an important gap in the debate about integration and immigration. It is a book which should be read by all who wish to widen their views”


  Tema asyl & integration (a project financed by the EU program EQUAL), June 25, 2008


”Compared with many explanations and recommendations which are found in investigations and research studies on the immigrant's encounter with the new country, Olkiewicz is familiar, pragmatic, unsentimental, and resolute”

    NU, det liberala nyhetsmagasinet, No 22, May 29, 2008

"Cheerful reading about the foreign-born"


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2008/09/18 Article, published in "Currents", the Swedish American Chambers of Commerce USA:



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